About us

The Poppenhusen Agency is a literary agency handling the rights of a considerable number of successful authors of fiction and non-fiction, as well as children’s and young people’s books. We have been representing clients since 2003 and were previously part of Piper und Poppenhusen GbR.


We represent predominantly German-language writers. We deal with all the business matters with publishers on our authors’ behalf. This work consists of everything from submission through to the negotiating of a contract, supervising the bookkeeping, and the placing of subsidiary rights (translation, film, television, stage, radio, and others.) In many cases the agency acts as a companion to authors as they write, supporting them through the development of their book projects, and looking for the ideal match of a publisher for their work.


We also act as co-agents for publishers and agencies in the English-speaking world.


We have a close working association with the Paul & Peter Fritz AG in Zurich ( ). Our contracts are drawn up by the Zurich agency, who also handle any related administrative work on behalf of the Poppenhusen Agency.

Subsidiary rights are drawn up in conjunction with a network of partner agencies.

We work exclusively on a commission basis.