Nils Mohl

Nils Mohl was born in 1971 and studied German Literature, Linguistics, and Folklore in Kiel, Tübingen, and Berlin, then Arts Administration in Weimar. He began publishing his work as an author in 2008 and has received a number of highly regarded scholarships and coveted prizes. Nils won the 2011 Children’s and Young Adults’ Oldenburg Book Prize with his novel ES WAR EINMAL INDIANERLAND (‘It Was Once Indian Country’) and in 2012 he was awarded the Kranichsteiner Books for Young Readers’ Scholarship as well as winning that year’s German Children’s Literature Prize in the Young Adults category. Nils is also an accomplished writer of short stories; his story “Tanzen gehen” (‘Going Dancing’) has been part of the school curriculum since 2006. He has also done some writing for the theatre and lives with his family in Hamburg.